Final contenders for Sankranthi 2012

Sankranthi is often considered the hottest season for the Tollywood folks. This is the time when some of the biggest movies hit the screens and sentiment wise, if the result is positive then the rest of the year also turns out to be positive. So, sometime back announcements were made in a big way about the releases. 

At one point, it looked like there would be nearly six releases of big hero films during the two to three days of the festival. However, the expected postponements and the delays have happened so the final update is that only three films are in contention for the Sankranthi honours.

First in the list is Mahesh Babu's 'Businessman' arriving on January 11th. This would be followed by victory Venkatesh and his 'Bodyguard' on January 12th. And last but not the least, there would be Sunil with his 'Poolarangadu' on January 14th . The expectations are high on each project but focus is more on 'Businessman' due to the hype.

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